For me, it's all about cooking, eating and speaking to locals in their own homes.

I'm fascinated by the Mediterranean and I'm on a journey. 

FEEDTIM is, yes, what you might suspect. I like food and like to be fed (and to cook, don’t forget that bit). However, my actual name is Tim Phedon, with the PHED bit pronounced the same as FEED. This beckoned me to create this blog so that hopefully I can feed you as well (with cool content and maybe even food one day).

I am a young, chirpy Brummie who lives for food. The most satisfying experiences I have had in my life so far are at the dinner table. Whenever I travel I'm out to try dishes authentic to the region I am in. This passion has evolved to not only eating what's local, but cooking it with local people so that I can really get to the heart of that culture and recipe.

Why the Med in particular? Well, my family is originally from Cyprus. Mum is an excellent cook and has taught me so much in the kitchen. Our home in Birmingham has always been a hive for family events with the herd round for lunch every Sunday while I was growing up. Spanakopita (spinach pie), the most tender Kleftiko lamb, hearty village stews, salads and lots and lots of dips; the dishes MOM would produce were simply magical, and I found it inspiring.

There's one final thing: I am passionate about languages. I get such a kick out of speaking to locals whenever I'm abroad. It was Ms.Brown, my geography teacher at school, who took me to be inspired on a school trip to Chile when I was 14. I was, and the next thing I knew I was studying Spanish & Portuguese at university in London to feed my hunger for learning new languages. This really defines me when I travel, because it’s not long before I get invited into peoples' homes to eat with them.

Why read FEEDTIM?

My aim is simple: to cook with as many people around the Mediterranean as I can. From the Costa de la Luz down on the Southwest tip of Spain to discovering my roots on the island of Cyprus in the east, I want to show how beautiful, healthy and simple true Mediterranean cuisine is by cooking with the locals themselves, and often speaking with them in their native language (even though you can always communicate through food).

This has turned into an ambition over the last 3 months that I have been living in the stunning Andalucían village of Vejer de la Frontera. I've met and cooked with a fair few people during my time here and so it's the perfect location to produce my first few videos. Meanwhile in this blog, I will be documenting all of my foodie experiences as and when they happen from wherever I happen to be in the world. Much of the magic will be from my kitchen where I will be cooking up a Mediterranean storm, including both traditional recipes and ones with my own twist. It's all very exciting.

Thank you for checking out my new site and I would love for you to keep popping by. Do follow me on social media where I will also be posting regularly. It's gonna be an adventure. Welcome to FEEDTIM.